Calicut to Cochin Airport


Cochin International Airport Limited, better known as CIAL, is now the only airport in kerala, which handled 5 million passengers in a year. Being an important port this city attracts tourist from all around the globe. Kochi is the most popular tourist destination for both domestic and international visitors to Kerala. It has been rated among the top three tourist destinations by the World Travel & Tourism Council. An ideal starting point for exploring the diversity and beauty of kerala. The backwaters of kerala can especially be experienced through the waterways flowing across Cochin in streams and lagoons.

Calicut City to Cochin Airport Drop/ Calicut Airport to Cochin airport Drop
Cabs Rate 9PM to 6AM
Hatchback Ac Rs. 4500 Rs. 200
Sedan Ac Rs. 4800 Rs. 200
Innova Ac Rs. 5900 Rs. 200

The driving distance between Calicut to Cochin airport is 172 km. It takes approximately 4hours 30minutes if we travel at the consistent speed of 50 km per hour. The estimated travel time from Calicut to Cochin airport may vary or it will take more time due to the road condition and different travel route. Your travel time may also depend up on the car you use for travel. A car with a very good ride quality is also a comfortable car to ride in. We provide a variety of executive, luxury and premium vehicles according to requirement and comfort of the clients. Remember to choose a vehicle that will bring comfort to both the driver and the passengers and take in to consideration the road condition of the road trip route.

For a long trip , it’s highly recommended to book in advance. Renting a car is always a wiser option than using your own on long road trips as it is very flexible. You can save money by booking a rental car that has better gas mileage, more space, and safety features compared to own car. If you need refreshment we can stop around this midway place, after checking the safety, feasibility etc. Another benefit of travelling by car is getting to enjoy fantastic views. On the way you can click amazing pics, you can decide to stop at any street, any shortcut that suits your commute hours. If you feel like your vehicle is not reliable enough, definitely consider renting a car.

Calicut City to Cochin City Drop/ Calicut Airport to Cochin Drop
Cabs Rate 9PM to 6AM
Hatchback Ac Rs. 4900 Rs. 200
Sedan Ac Rs. 5300 Rs. 200
Innova Ac Rs. 6500 Rs. 200

Enjoy a wide variety of high quality and reliable vehicles to choose from a compact car to a full size SUV and even an 8 seater family van. However, with a little bit of preparation, you can make sure to have the time of your life while on these trips. One of the best way to relax while on the trip is to take some time and explore the -beautiful scenery. Stop the car and enjoy the beauty outside, breathe in some fresh air and take a few minutes to rejoice before getting back on the trip. You will return to your journey feeling happier, more relaxed, energized and with beautiful memories of the splendid sceneries.

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