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Calicut International airport known as Karipur airport is one of the busiest airport in India in terms of overall traveller count. Our airport cab transfer services include pick up and drop services to the airport at any time either day or night as per our customer’s demand. Whether traveling for business or pleasure trip, Calicut Taxi is the ideal solution to get to your destination. We will get you to your location and show you some of the best sights in your way making your trip memorable. So be ready to have a comfortable ride with your family with full facilities from safety to quality. You will never have to worry about anything because we are always there for you at any place, at any time.

Calicut Airport to Calicut City/ Calicut Railway Station/ Calicut Busstand (Pick up and Drop)
Cabs Rate 9PM to 6AM
Hatchback Ac Rs. 1000 Rs. 1200
Hatchback Non-Ac Rs. 950 Rs. 1150
Sedan Ac Rs. 1100 Rs. 1300
Sedan Non-Ac Rs. 1000 Rs. 1200
Innova Ac Rs. 1400 Rs. 1600

We often prefer a car to travel as it is a convenient mode of transportation. People feel better in comfortable seats and have a more secure privacy compared to using public transportation. When it comes to long distance or short trip travelling in a car always keeps you fresh and relaxed. Travelling can make your life better and happier in several ways which affects your whole life. Seeing new places, meeting new people can help you to get a better perspective on your life and remember all the good things. Enjoy the great outdoors by hiring our finest cars and capture the beautiful moments in life for ourselves.

Calicut taxi is one of the largest intercity cab service provider in India. We have the best collection of cars ,driven by our professional drivers who make sure of your comfort and safety. You can enjoy the ride without having to worry about the routes, parking areas and other such concerns. Our drivers are well informed about the city routes and can find the shortest route without breaking any traffic rules. In order to increase your physical comfort during the trip, we recommend that you choose the type of car according to the number of people and the duration of your trip. So, we are here to offer you a pleasant travelling experience and reach your designated place on time.

Calicut City to Calicut Airport/ Calicut Railway Station/ Calicut Busstand (Pick up and Drop)
Cabs Rate 9PM to 6AM
Indica Ac Rs. 1000 Rs. 1200
Indica Non-Ac Rs. 950 Rs. 1150
Indigo Ac Rs. 1100 Rs. 1300
Indigo Non-Ac Rs. 1000 Rs. 1200
Innova Ac Rs. 1400 Rs. 1600

These days, taxi services have become the most used and the easiest transportation option.It is not only cheap but equally reliable. Our intention is to arrange the various types of cabs at inexpensive and reasonable fair rates. We make efforts to book the taxi cab at the best and appropriate rates that support to your budget. Thus hiring a taxi service can save you alot of money you spend to learn new routes and roads to get to your destination. We provide you with a broad range of cars you can choose from. You can get vehicles that range from the standard passenger’s cars to luxurious ones. You are free to book a car based on your budget and needs. Customers can easily book a cab online through our website or mobile app.

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